Notes: Largest bird in the world standing over 2.6m tall and weighing 70-110kg. Lay the largest egg at 1.65kg Fastest bird running at 72kph-useful for escaping predators.

Ostriches have only two toes while other ratites like Emus, Cassowaries, Rheas and Kiwis have three toes.

Habitat: Typically live in warm dry regions but can adapt to most countries.

Food: Omnivorous, feeding on seeds and other plant material but taking insects and animals when available. They are nomadic, wandering wherever food is available but they do need water regularly.

Where Found: Native of Africa where they are found among savannah saltbushes Present in Australia since 1870 when some farmed animals were released. These still exist as a feral population northeast of Port Augusta. Ostrich farming has now been tried around the world.

Breeding: Begin breeding at age 4yrs and live for 30-70yrs.Males are polygamous and form harems of several females. Male makes shallow scrape nest and all his females deposit eggs in it-15 to 60eggs per nest. Eggs incubated by dominant female during day and male by night Ostriches can be very aggressive when defending the nest.

Struthio camelus



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