Rainbow Lorikeet

Other Names: Coconut Iory, Red Collared Lorikeet, Blue Bellied Lorikeet and Blue Mountian Lorikeet.

Length: 300-340mm

Voice: Metallic rolling screech in flight. Shrill chatter when feeding. Soft twitter while resting.

Food: Blossom feeder, harvesting nectar and pollen from plants with a special brush covered tongue.

Where Found: See map. Widespread in most forests of northern and eastern Australia

Habits: All lorikeets are tree dwellers and like to gather in large groups, flocking in groups of two to fifty by day to several hundred when clumping to roost. At daybreak they fly out from their roosts and disperse to feed, sometimes travelling 50kms or more.

Nesting: Breeds August-January. Two eggs laid in tree hole and hatch in 25-26 days.Young fed by both parents and fledge in about 8wks.

Trichoglosus haematodus



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