Southern Cassowary

I spy with my little eye …


The survival of Australia’s oldest rainforest (from Gondwana Land) and the survival of many birds, mammals, reptiles and invertebrates depends on the Cassowary !

Why are Cassowaries so important ?
The cassowary is the ONLY animal that is capable of eating very large fruits and also poisonous fruits
The cassowary then goes for a walk and defecates out the seeds
These seeds then turn into trees
These trees provide food, shelter, hides nesting, etc for a large variety of birds, mammals, reptile and insects
Over 150 species of fruiting trees depend on the cassowary to disperse their seeds.
no cassowary = no rainforest = no trees = no birds = no reptiles = no mammals = no insects
How Big is Your Foot?
A Cassowary’s foot is 18 cm in length

How can you help save the Cassowaries ?- You can adopt 1 square metre of Daintree Rainforrest for $1.00 see– Campaign for funs to be released to build the cassowary corridor

– Tell your friends and family about Cassowaries

– Visit

– Drive slowly where Cassowaries live (North QLD) but don’t stop

Never feed wild Cassowaries, they can become dependent on you. They also have large claws that can be fatal. Keep dogs on leashes and stay behind secure fencing

Our casowary enclosure is sponored by

Gallus gallus


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