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Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Other Names: White Cockatoo

Length: 450-500mm

Voice: Contact call in flight a very loud, harsh, raucous screech ending with a slight upward inflection. Alarm calls a succession of abrupt guttural screeches.

Food: Seeds of grasses and herbaceous plants, grains, roots, berries, nuts and leaves. Also insects and their larvae.

Where Found: See map. Common in most types of open timbered country.

Habits: Feed in large flocks on ground with well-established sentinel warning system. Each flock has own roosting site, which is rarely deserted even if birds have to fly long distances to feeding grounds.

Nesting: Breed August-January 2-3eggs.Nest in tree holes generally high up and near water.

Cacatua galerita



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