Water Buffalo

Size: Standing 1.5 to 1.9m tall at shoulders and weighing 700 to 1200kg.

Food: Can thrive in swamps eating aquatic plants but prefer to live on grasslands eating pasture.

Where Found: Common in Asia where widely used for ploughing and transportation. In Australia the largely feral population fluctuates with markets and disease control measures although some dairy herds now operate.

Uses: Draft uses- buffalo are ideal for ploughing rice paddys. Buffalo milk is used fresh and for production of yoghurt and speciality cheeses.

Notes: Lifespan in captivity is up to 25yrs.

Females produce calves every other year after a 9-11month gestation. Young males stay with maternal herd for 3yrs before forming male herds. Females stay with maternal herds. Water buffalo have been domesticated for over 5000yrs.

Bubalus bubalus


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