Macropus agilis


The Agile Wallaby is a medium sized wallaby with light sandy brown fur. They have a pale cheek stripe and light stripe on the thigh. The tail tip and edges of ears are black. They live in small social groups of up to 10 and can often be seen feeding out in the open in the late afternoon.


Tropical and subtropical Australia.

Oakvale Distribution Maps png Agile Wallaby


The lifespan of the Agile Wallaby is 11 - 14 years.


Height varies between 59-85 cm.


Native grasses, leaves and fruit. The Agile Wallaby can also dig 30 centimetres into the soil to eat the roots of grasses.


Open forests, coastal plains, flood plains and woodlands right across tropical northern Australia.


The Agile Wallaby breeds all year round. The gestation period is 30 days with an average pouch life of 7-8 months. The joey is normally weaned at 10-12months.

小袋鼠 | ワラビー | 왈라비