Phaps chalcoptera


The Common Bronzewing is a medium-sized pigeon. The male has a yellow/white forehead and pink breast. Both the males and females have a clear white line around the eye and patches of green, blue and red in the wing. The Common Bronzewing is a cautious pigeon and rarely allows close approach. The juveniles are often duller and browner than the adults.


The Common Bronzewing is found throughout Australia except for dense rainforest and treeless areas in deserts.


The life expectancy of a Common Bronzewing is around 6 years.


The size of the Common Bronzewing is 320 - 360mm.


Grain and seeds.


The Common Bronzewing usually live in pairs but can form small flocks. Spend most of day on ground foraging. Prefer to walk but will fly over open country.


Saucer of sticks and twigs. Two eggs incubated by both parents in 14 days.

Other Names

Forest Bronzewing, Bronzewin


Soft “oom” repeated slowly many times and with resonance.