Trichosurus vulpecula


The Brushtail Possum has a silver-grey body with a white to pale grey underbelly. They have long oval ears with a bushy tail which will always have a furless strip underneath for greater traction. They also have sharp claws, which they use to climb trees and comb their fur.


60-90 centimetres in length including the tail, with an average weight between 1.2-4.5kg.


Leaves, fruit, flowers, insects, seeds, bird eggs and human rubbish.


Brushtail Possums are found in eucalypt forests, rainforests, woodlands and will happily coexist with humans in suburban areas.


Common Brushtail Possums are widely distributed throughout Australia. They can be found in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and Northern Territory. Also found in New Zealand.


Breeding season is normally in Spring and Autumn.

16- 18days after mating a single offspring is produced and remains in the pouch for 4-5 months. After vacating the pouch, the young joey will ride on its mothers back and continue to suckle for another 1-2months.