Macropus robusta eurubescens


The Euro is the arid-zone sub-species of the most widespread Kangaroo, the Common Wallaroo (or Hill Kangaroo). Euros have a large naked rhinarium giving them a dark shiny 'button nose' like koalas and wombats. They have no facial stripe but they do have large rounded ears. Their coat is coarser and shaggier than the fine down of Red Kangaroos.


East of the Great Dividing Range


The lifespan of the Common Wallaroo is 15 - 18 years.


Males weigh up to 47kgs whilst the female is much smaller weighing approximately 25kgs.


Herbivorous containing mostly soft grass, tussock grasses and shrub foliage.


The Euro is a hill-dweller and so occupies the slopes and ridges, using rocky overhangs and shallow caves as shelter in summer. Euros are most common on the hills of various highly eroded ranges across arid and semi-arid rangelands. In some places they inhabit low lying areas of dense scrub.


The Euro breeds all year round. The gestation period is 34 days with an average pouch life of 244 days. The joey is normally weaned at 10 - 12 months.