Morelia spilota spilota and Morelia spilota macdowelli


The Diamond Python occurs naturally between the Queensland and Victoria border and the Coastal Carpet Python occurs right down the east coast of Queensland and northern New South Wales. In the area between Coffs Harbour and Newcastle the colours of the pythons are not true to each subspecies, they are mixed, showing traits of both subspecies. This is known as an intergrade, not a hybird which is the result of two different species mating.

Described as semi-arboreal the climb shrub and rock faces, mostly moving around at night.

The Diamond Python has a moderate body and a board head which is noticeably wider than its neck. The colour of the back and sides are black to olive-black, with most individual scales bearing a cream or yellow spot.


Diamond Python are a subspecies of Carpet Python occurring from around Port Macquarie in New South Wales where they merge with the Coastal Carpet Python through to the Victorian boarder.


The lifespan of many of our reptiles has not been studied in great detail, many are considered to live an average of 20 - 30 years.


On average the Diamond Python attain lengths of 2.5 metres however they have the potential to reach up to 4 metres.


Mammals, birds, lizards and frogs.


The Diamond Python is an inhabitant of rainforests and sclerophyll forests.


A female Diamond Python reproduces at 2 - 3 intervals. Approximately 20, but up to 54 eggs are produced per clutch. The female will increase her body temperature by producing "shivering" movements while coiled around the eggs.