Crocodylus johnstoni


Freshwater Crocodiles grow up to 10 feet (3m) long, but on average are about 1.5 metres long. They have a narrow snout, sharp teeth and webbed hind feet. The Freshwater Crocodile is generally brown in colour, however this will vary depending on their environment.


They are found in both salt and fresh water billabongs, large river systems, lakes and swamps.


The Freshwater Crocodile feeds mainly on fish, crustaceans and insects. Being opportunistic they will also prey upon small mammals, birds and reptiles.


The females will mate three to six weeks before laying during the months of August and September. An average clutch is between 13-20 eggs and hatch after about 65-95 days. Egg laying usually occurs at night, and they are commonly eaten by monitor lizards and feral pigs. The nests of eggs are fiercely guarded by the female crocodile and at the end of the incubation period, the mothers will carry the newly hatched young to the water in their mouths. The mothers then stay close to the young and protect them for a short period of time.