Coturnix chinensis


The King Quail is a small dark quail, mostly brown in colour. The adult male has a blue-grey forehead and face with black and white on its chin and throat. The female is dark brown and faintly streaked. She has a white throat and is the only small quail with a barred underside.


King Quail occur in Asia from India eastward to south-east China, South East Asia, the Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea and northern and eastern Australia.


King Quail live on average 3-6 years.


From 12-14cm in length.


King Quails are omnivorous, feeding on a range of food sources including grass seeds, green blades, terrestrial worms, adult larval insects, leaves, grains and fruits.


King Quail are found in tropical shrublands and grasslands, towards coastal areas.


King Quail can lay between 5-13 eggs which will hatch after around 19 days.