Macropus parma


The Parma Wallaby has a thick, brownish-grey fur. The shoulders and upper arms are often tinged with brown and a white moustache marking is present to a greater or lesser extent. The male of the species is larger and more robust than the female.


The Parma Wallaby is found only in areas of the Great Dividing Range in New South Wales, from the Watagan Mountains in the south to the Gibraltar Range in the north.

Oakvale Distribution Maps png Parma Wallaby


The lifespan of the Parma Wallaby is 11 - 15 years.


The length of the Parma Wallaby is between 45 - 55 cm and weighs approximately 5 kgs.


Parma Wallabies are herbivores and feed on grasses and herbs.


Parma Wallabies occupy rainforests, sclerophyll forests and grasslands.


The breeding season of the Parma Wallaby occurs between February and June. After a pregnancy of around 35 days, the newborn attaches firmly to one of four teats in the mothers pouch, which it leaves at about 30 weeks, still suckling until approximately 10 months old.

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