Glossopsitta porphyrocephala


Purple-Crowned Lorikeets are small, bright green lorikeets with a black beak and purple crown on their head, they have a red/yellow colouration just behind their eyes, a pale blue breast and red under wings.


The Purple-Crowned Lorikeet's are found along the southern areas of Australia in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and some parts of southern New South Wales.


The lifespan of the Purple-Crowned Lorikeet is around 7 - 9 years, their life expectancy is a bit shorter than other lorikeet species.


The Purple-Crowned Lorikeet's size ranges from 15 - 17 centimetres in length once they are fully grown. They can also weigh up to 44 grams.


The Purple-Crowned Lorikeet's diet consists of flowering eucalypts, pollen, nectar, fruit, insects and larvae. They often feed in large flocks or small parties.


The Purple-Crowned Lorikeet's often live in mallee, eucalypt woodland and drier forests, where mallee is abundant and in blossom.


These birds nest on debris in a small hollow in a eucalypt tree and usually have around 3 - 4 eggs. Their breeding season is from September to December.