Setonix brachyurus


Quokkas are one of the smallest wallaby species in Australia. They have short, very coarse and thick grey-brown fur over most of their body with lighter parts underneath.

Its facial features consist of a naked nose on a short, broad face with rounded furry ears. The tail is relatively short (25-31cm) and mostly without fur. In contrast, the fur on the feet extends to cover its claws.


Weighs approximately 2.7–4.2 kg and 40–54cm in body length.


Quokkas are herbivores and eat native grasses, leaves, stems and bark of a variety of plants.


Dense vegetation or dense semi-arid heath.


Rottnest Island (near Perth) and south-west Western Australian.

Oakvale Distribution Maps png Quokka


On the mainland, the Quokka appears to be able to breed all year round but the breeding season on Rottnest Island is shorter (from January to August). Quokkas are sexually mature at 18 months of age and live for about 10 years .

Female Quokkas give birth to a single young 24 -27 days after mating. The young will remain in the pouch for about six months. After the joey leaves the pouch it will continue to feed at its mother’s teats for an extra two months or so. The young leaves the pouch between 6–7 months, but will return if alarmed or cold.