Polytelis swainsonii


The Superb Parrots are slender, medium sized, bright green parrots with long tails. The male is easily distinguishable from the female as they have a yellow face and green body whereas the females have a green face and body. The male also has a red band around its throat separating the green and yellow colouration. The males are also much brighter than the females.


The Superb Parrots are found in South Eastern Australia in the Riverina area of Victoria and New South Wales and often migrate to Northern New South Wales during the winter months. Intensive clearing of its natural habitat for agricultural development have reduced their numbers in the wild.


The life expectancy of the Superb Parrot is 25 years.


The Superb Parrot's size ranges from 36 - 42 centimetres in length once they are fully grown. They can also weigh up to 150 grams.


The Superb Parrots diet consists of seeds, fruits, grain crops, split grain and also nectar from flowering eucalypts. They often feed on the ground in grassy woodlands and sometimes along roadsides and in the foliage of trees.


The Superb Parrot is commonly found nearby waterways and woodlands, often seen in red gums along rivers. They are usually seen in well bonded pairs or small flocks.


These birds nest in deep hollows in large trees usually along water ways. They lay the eggs in wood dust at the bottom of the hollow. The female incubates them on her own and she is fed by the male while sitting on the eggs. When the young are very small and have just hatched, both parents take turns in feeding the young.