Pay your Discover Voucher Forward

You are only able to redeem 1 x Discover Voucher per person, per business, per day. However, if you wish to use more than one of your vouchers, redeem another tomorrow and if you have 3 vouchers; the day after.

Once you hit submit, your chosen charity will automatically receive 2 x entry tickets to Oakvale Wildlife Park on your behalf and you will also be issued your own $25 Oakvale Wildlife Park Discount Ticket.

Please check your emails for your own $25 Oakvale Wildlife Park Discount Ticket, and your letter of appreciation from your chosen charity.

With the NSW Government’s Dine & Discover initiative being extended, Oakvale Wildlife Park, has partnered with NSW children's charities ‘Kids with Cancer, Camp Quality and Run DIPG‘ to help children in need DISCOVER a Wild Life, and be kids once again.

For children who are sick, disadvantaged, or with a disability and their families, it is so important, now more than ever due to COVID having even more impact on their lives, that they can have a day where they can let their illness, or whatever is going on in their life take a backseat & rediscover the true joy of childhood. What better way than interacting with Wildlife and creating memories that will last a lifetime, with those you treasure the most.

Anyone and everyone who has an unused Discover Voucher can help this goal be achieved and brighten up a child in need’s life, it only takes 30 seconds of their time, the Charities receive 2 x entry tickets on your behalf, you personally receive a $25 Discount Code, and it doesn’t cost you a cent for your random act of kindness or to receive your own Discount Code towards getting wild here at Oakvale yourself!

How this all works!
Step 1: Enter in your details which Redeems your Discover Voucher for your own $25 Oakvale Discount Ticket
Step 2: Choose one of the three Charities for Oakvale to gift 2 x entry tickets on your behalf. (This is in addition to your own Discount Voucher you will receive)
Step 4:
The charity receives 2 x Entry Tickets on your behalf valued up to $66 (covering 2 tickets for park entry)!
Step 5: You feel amazing for your random act of kindness and still get to receive $25 off your own entry or experience here at Oakvale.
Step 6: Children in need get to make wild memories that will last a lifetime.