Oakvale Wildlife Park are excited to announce the introduction of 5 new Ring-tailed Male Lemurs onto our newly refurbished Lemur Island


Published 20 Jun 2019

The 5 males were adopted from Hamilton Zoo in New Zealand and have been getting to know our current two females Sumba & Sofia and their keepers behind the scenes for the past month. Nicole - senior mammal keeper said “The Ring-Tailed Lemures have settled in well to their new surrounds with plenty of playtimes together forming strong bonds. They are all loving the new additions to Lemur Island and can’t wait to meet the zoo visitors during our Lemur Encounters”

When released onto the island 19th June 2019 the seven (7) Lemurs began exploring their new and upgraded surroundings; climbing on logs, swing off the ropes and checking out the newly built shelters. It didn’t take them long to settle into their new home.

The refurbishments to Lemur Island have been a 2-month long process by expanding the facilities for getting ready to introduce the troop to their new home. The island is designed to replicate their natural habitat on Madagascar giving the Lemurs plenty of space to play, forage and rest.

Owners Leanne & Kent Sansom said: “The Ring-tailed Lemurs are considered vulnerable and are listed on CITES 1 appendix. We were excited to have the chance for us to adopt the additional 5 Ring-tailed Lemurs from New Zealand. Having the additional lemurs at Oakvale Wildlife Park provides us with the opportunity to educate our visitors about this unique and endangered animal during our animal talks and private Lemur Encounters which are available at the park. These Lemures are a part of the Zoo and Aquarium Association Species Breeding Management Program”