Description: Alpacas are animals domesticated in the high altitudes of South America thousands of years ago for their luxurious fleece. They are members of the Camelid family, which also includes camels, llamas etc. Alpacas come in 16 different colours ranging from white to black, beige to dark brown. People who are allergic to wool can often wear garments made of alpaca, which is as soft as cashmere. Food
Alpacas are herbivores. They eat pasture grass and hay.

Size: Adult alpacas usually weigh between 50 – 90kg

Where Found: Alpacas originate from South America. Recent studies have shown that there is approximately 70,000 Alpacas throughout Australia.

Breeding:The females’ gestation period is approximately 335 days (11 to 11.5 months) and almost always conveniently give birth in the mid morning. Baby alpaca or “cria” as they are known, are usually  around 6 to 8 kg when born and are usually walking and feeding within the first hour or two.

Did you know?Alpacas can live up to 25 years old! Their fleece can be used to make clothing and blankets. Alpacas do not have hooves. Instead they have two toes and their feet are soft on the bottom. Alpacas ‘hum’ to each other to communicate. They have their own voice just like

Llama pacos


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