Equus asinus


Donkeys look similar to horses, although they are smaller in size. They have large heads with big ears. Domestic breeds come in many sizes and colours, including black, grey, white, and brown.


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Donkey Distribution Map

Domesticated and escaped feral donkeys are found world-wide.


12-15 years in poorer countries where food is scarce and 30-50 years in prosperous countries where their is ample food supply.


0.9 - 1.5 meters at the wither.


Donkeys are hardy animals. They are able to thrive on less feed than horses. Donkeys only need an ample supply of healthy grass, or horse quality hay.


In highly varied terrains and climates, although they prefer warm and dry places.


The gestation period is longer than a horse at 11 - 14 months. Donkeys are not mature until about 6 years of age. Although like most mammals they can physically reproduce before full maturity.


Commonly used for transport, whether riding, pack transport or pulling carts. Also farm tillage, threshing, raising water, milling and other jobs.

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