Petaurus breviceps


The Sugar Glider is possibly the most commonly known of all the glider species. Their fur is a blue-grey to brown grey colour, with a dark stripe that extends from the middle of the head to the mid-back region. The tail can have a white tip whereas the squirrel glider never has a white tip.


The Sugar Glider are distributed in the northern and eastern parts of mainland Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea and several associated isles, including Indonesia.


The lifespan of the Sugar Glider is 8 - 12 years.


The size of the Sugar Glider is up to 30 centimetres long (including the tail) and weighs approximately 120 grams.


The diet of the Sugar Glider consists of insects, gum of wattle and eucalypt trees, manna, nectar, pollen and sap.


The Sugar Glider are commonly found in both wet and dry woodlands, usually where acacia is present.


Breeding twice a year the female will have two per litter. The male sugar glider has also been recorded helping care for the young.