Cairina moschata


The Muscovy Duck is a large duck which is native to Mexico and Central/South America. All Muscovy Ducks have long claws on their feet and a wide flat tail. They are white or blackish, with large white wing patches. Both sexes have a nude black-and-red or all-red face.


Muscovies are native to Mexico, Central and South America - but they originated in Brazil. Some domesticated Muscovies have escaped into the wild and now breed outside their native range.

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The Muscovy Duck has an average lifespan of 8 - 12 years, but in captivity Muscovies can live for up to 20 years.


The drake (male) is about 86 cm long and weighs 4.6 - 6.8 kg, while the hen (female) is much smaller, at 64 cm in length and 2.7 - 3.6 kg in weight.


The Muscovy's diet consists of plant material obtained by grazing or dabbling in shallow water, with some small vertebrates and insects. They generally feed on larvae, aquatic animals, plant material, seeds, small fish, snails, crab and pupae usually found under rocks.


The Muscovy Duck inhabits forested swamps, lakes and streams. At night, they often roost in trees.


The hen lays a clutch of 8 - 16 white eggs, usually in a tree hole or hollow, which are incubated for 35 days. When the chicks are born they usually stay with their mother for about 10 – 12 weeks.