Intellagama lesueurii


The Eastern Water Dragon is a medium to large-sized lizard. They have large heads, with a row of spines beginning on the head and leading down along their back. Their colouring consists of shades of grey or brown with a series of black bands on their back and tail. Their underbelly is creamy-white, although males may have a vivid red on some or most of the belly and chest.


Eastern Water Dragons are semi-aquatic lizards that are found along the east coast of Australia.

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Easter Water Dragon Distribution Map


The lifespan of many of our reptiles has not been studied in great detail, many are considered to live an average of 20 - 30 years.


The average length of the Eastern Water Dragon is 75 cm.


The diet of the Eastern Water Dragon consists of insects, frogs, yabbies, water insects, fruit and berries.


The Eastern Water Dragon inhabits creeks, rivers, lakes, rainforests and humid woodlands.


Eastern Water Dragons breeding season is during spring. Mating occurs near waterways, where the males defend their territories. The females lay eggs away from the river in nests. Their nests are usually in moist soil, within rotting vegetation from November to December. Female dragons can lay between 10 - 20 eggs.