Aspidites ramsayi


The Woma Python has a cream to yellow belly with a grey, olive, golden brown or rich red-brown back, ringed with darker bands. The body is broad and flat in profile, tapering to a small, thin tail.


The Woma Python is found throughout arid and semi-arid Australia from coastal Western Australia to western Queensland.

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Woma Python Distribution Map


The lifespan of many of our reptiles has not been studied in great detail, many are considered to live an average of 20 - 30 years.


The Woma Python generally attain lengths of 1.5 metres however they've been documented at lengths of 2.7 metres.


The Woma Python hunts at night on sandy plains for other snakes, small mammals and birds.


The Woma Python is a true desert species with their habitat ranging across the Australian interior from northern Western Australia into the south-western edge of Queensland, and into northern South Australia.


The Woma Python breeds between May - August, and lay a clutch of 5 - 19 eggs between September - October. Females incubate the eggs for 2 months by coiling around the clutch. If the clutch becomes cold, the female will ‘shiver’ to generate heat from muscular activity to warm the clutch. When the eggs hatch, the juvenile Womas are independent.