Tiliqua scincoides intermedia


Similar to other blue-tongued lizards, the Northern Blue-tongue Skink has very distinctive patterning. Notherns tend to be a bright orange to soft peachy orange or even a yellowish colour with darker stripes along their sides and backs, with a lighter, creamier colour on their bellies. Their legs are short and small compared to the length and width of their bodies.


The Northern Blue-tongue Skink grows to about 22 inches in total length.


The Northern Blue-tongue Skink are omnivorous; feeding on fruit, insects, flowers, foliage and eggs.


The Northern Blue-tongue Skink can be found in woodlands, grasslands and rocky plains through to sclerophyll forests. They are also found sheltering under logs and thick vegetation.


The breeding season occurs once yearly. When a male finds a suitable female, he scent-marks and follows her.