Dromaius novaehollandiae


The Emu is a large flightless bird. Emus are covered with shaggy grey-brown feathers except for on their neck and head. They have very long and powerful legs. Each foot has three forward-facing toes.


Oakvale Distribution Maps png Emu
Emu Distribution Map


Australia’s largest bird, standing between 1.6m - 1.9m and can weigh between 30 - 60kgs.


10 - 20 years in the wild and up to 35 years in captivity.


Omnivorous, eating a large variety of leaves, grasses, fruits, flowers and insects.


Habitats include open arid plains to tropical woodlands, avoid thickly forested regions. They are nomadic wanderers in most parts of Australia and can cover several hundred kilometres in a year.


Generally breeds in winter. 5 - 20 eggs are laid in a lined scrape and incubated by the male for about 56 days. After hatching the male continues his care for up to 18 months.


Deep guttural grunts by both sexes; female emits dull, resonant booming sound.

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