Morelia spilota variegata


The Darwin Carpet Python has a moderate body and a board head, noticeably wider than its neck.

The Albino Carpet Python does not produce any black or brown pigment. Snakes that lack melanin are classified as Albion, they are usually white and have red or yellow markings. The red markings are caused by the other pigment cells also present in the skin of the animal. Albino Carpet Pythons also have red or pink eyes. This gives them a striking appearance, making them very popular among reptile fanatics.

There are various types of albinism and they can be distinguished by their different origins.


Average length 2metres.


The Darwin Carpet Python occurs in dry sclerophyll forest and humid woodland.


Mammals, birds and lizards.


Breeding season is between June - May. A female Darwin Carpet Python will lay an average of 23 eggs per clutch. The female will remain coiled around the eggs to help with incubation and to protect the eggs from predators.