Suricata suricata


The Meerkat has bushy brown-striped fur, a small pointed face and large eyes surrounded by dark patches. These extremely social animals live together in burrows, which they dig with their long, sharp claws. Living underground keeps mobs safe from predators and out of the harsh African heat. These burrows can be 5 metres long and contain multiple entrances, tunnels and rooms. One group of Meerkats can use up to 5 separate burrow systems at a time.


Found in the Kalahari Desert in Botswana and South Africa.

Oakvale Distribution Maps Slender Tailed Meerkat
Meerkat Distribution Map


The lifespan of a Meerkat varies depending on their position within the mob, despite the reproductive toll imposed on dominant animals they live on average almost three times as long as subordinate animals. While subordinate animals reach 2 to 5 years, dominant animals can live to 10 years.


They have a long body and short legs, standing around 25 - 30cm tall with a tail length of 17 - 25cm.


Meerkats use their keen sense of smell to locate foods. Their natural diet consists of beetles, caterpillars, spiders and scorpions. They will also eat small reptiles, birds, eggs, fruit and plants.


Meerkats are found in dry, open environments characterised by short grasses and shrubs.


A baby meerkat is referred to as a pup and everyone helps look after and protect the pups once they are a certain age. Only the alpha females will breed and she will usually give birth to 1 - 8 pups, the average is 3/4 pups.

狐蒙/蒙哥 | ミーアキャット | 미어캣