Tadorna radjah


The Radjah Shelduck is white with a chestnut band across its chest. Its wingtips, back, rump and tail are black while green and russet patches may be seen in a distinct pattern along its extended wings. It has a white eye with pink legs, feet and beak. The juvenile is much like the adult, except that the white portions are slightly brown.


The Radjah Shelduck is found in the coastal tropics of northern Australia. Most common in northern Queensland across to coastal Northern Territory to Fitzroy River of Western Australia.

Oakvale Distribution Maps png Radjah Duck


The Radjah Shelduck's life expectancy is approximately 15 years in captivity and 5 - 10 years out in the wild.


The size of the Radjah Shelduck measures between 48 - 60 cm in body length and weighs approximately 900 grams.


The Radjah Shelduck is an omnivore and eats molluscs, insects, algae and sedges. It uses its beak to filter the water in search of bugs and seeds.


The Radjah Shelduck inhabits the coastal marshes, lagoons and swamps. They prefer large areas of shallow brackish or saline water.


The Radjah Shelduck nests close to both water and its food supply and so is rarely seen too far from water. It often chooses a hollow tree to hold its cream coloured eggs. The female will produce 6 - 12 eggs and will solely incubate the eggs for approximately 30 days. The ducklings leave the nest soon after hatching, heading straight for the water to clean off. Both parents care for the ducklings.