Geopelia cuneate


The Diamond Dove is Australia's smallest dove, they are a brown/grey colour with a red ring around their eyes and small white spots on their wings. The adults have pink legs while the juvenile's legs are grey. They fly and roost in flocks and are always in at least pairs or groups.


Found in all states in Australia except Tasmania.

Oakvale Distribution Maps Diamond Dove
Diamond Dove Distribution Map


3 - 5 years in the wild and 15 - 20 years in captivity.


Ranges from 19 - 24 centimetres in length once they are fully grown. They can also weigh up to 35 grams.


Feeds entirely on the ground on seeds and also insects. They often feed in large flocks.


Often found in dry grasslands and open terrain areas, particularly around water. They are also occasionally seen in parks and gardens in cities and towns.


These birds breed all year round after rainfall. They nest low in trees or bushes or on the ground.
Their nest is a fragile platform made up of twigs, grasses and roots. They usually lay 2 eggs per clutch.