Aratinga solstitialis


Sun Conures are bright yellow/orange with green/blue wings. They have black beaks and white patches around each eye.


Sun Conures are native to north-eastern South America, particularly northern Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana.

Oakvale Distribution Maps Sun Conure
Sun Conure Distribution Map

Life Span

15 - 20 years.

The Sun Conure is listed as Endangered on the IUCN list.


Approximately 30cm in length and weights 100 - 130g.


A variety of seeds, nuts and fruits.


Can be found in inland tropical habitats, dry savanna woodlands and coastal forests. They usually live near fruiting trees and palm groves.


Sun conures will breed throughout the year and generally lay between 3 - 5 eggs. The female will incubate the eggs for roughly 3.5 weeks and the young will fledge after around 7 weeks.