Macropus Giganteus


The Eastern Grey Kangaroo’s fur is woolly and grey-brown in colour, and they have a small head with big ears. Their feet, tail and end of paws can be darker grey to black in colour. Female Eastern Grey Kangaroos usually have a white chest.


A big male can measure up to 2.8 meters from his nose to the tip of his tail, and can weigh up to 66kg. Females are much smaller only reaching approximately 32kg


Grass, broad-leaved ground plants and sometimes shrubs


Forest, woodland and shrubland


Coastal plains, the Great Dividing Range and inland plains where annual rainfall exceeds 250mm

Oakvale Distribution Maps png Eastern Grey Kangaroo


Breeding occurs throughout the year but more births occur in the warmer summer months.

The joey is born 33-38 days after his/her parents mate. The tiny embryonic kangaroo emerges from its mother’s body and slowly climbs up her abdomen and into her pouch.

Once born the joey will stay in its Mum’s pouch for up to 8 months. At this age the joey will begin to start exploring and go for very short little hops around out of Mum’s pouch.