Vombatus ursinus


Having coarse, thick fur which can be cream, brown or black in colour. They have a large head with short rounded ears and a naked nose. Female Wombats also have a pouch that faces backwards to protect their young from flying dirt whilst the mother is digging the burrow.


Found throughout South-east Australia and also in Tasmania.

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Wombat Distribution Map


10 - 15 years.


Between 22 - 39kgs.


Native grasses, sedges, rushes, shrubs and tree roots.


Rainforest, eucalyptus forest, woodland, alpine grassland and coastal areas.


When food is plentiful Common Wombats breed throughout the year. Gestation lasts for one month, then a jelly-bean-sized Joey is born which attaches to a teat in its mother’s pouch. The joey will leave the pouch at 10 months but will stay with the mother for another eight to ten months. From the time the juvenile leaves the pouch, it begins to substitute increasing amounts of plant material instead of milk. At between 12 - 15 months of age, it stops suckling altogether.

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