Capra hircu


Miniature Ponies come in every colour and coat pattern imaginable. Some lines of Miniature Ponies can be traced back to the early nineteen hundreds. The Miniature Pony can vary in type from the fine-boned and leggy to the more compact heavy type. Ideally the animal will simply look like a pony in miniature. The length of the neck and legs should be proportion to the body, with well sprung ribs and a generous girth.


The Miniature Pony can be found in many nations throughout the world, particularly Europe and the Americas.


The lifespan of the Miniature Pony is 25 - 35 years.


Miniature Ponies have a maximum height of 87 centimetres.


Grasses and grains are the natural food of the Miniature Pony.


The Miniature Pony inhabits plains, prairies and steppes.


Male ponies are called stallions, females are called fillies or mares, and babies are called foals.

Gestation for a pony is approximately 11 months, with an additional 6 or 7 months for weaning.


Miniature Ponies are inquisitive, very intelligent, and have a gentle and affectionate nature. They need firm but kind handling.

小矮种马 | ミニチュアポニー | 조랑말