Geopelia humeralis


The Bar-shouldered Dove is a medium-sized, long-tailed bird. Adults have a blue-grey head, neck and upper breast, with a bright red/brown patch on the back of their neck, with dark barring.


Bar-shouldered Doves are found in north-western, northern and eastern Australia from areas in north Western Australia to New South Wales. They are also found in southern New Guinea.

Oakvale Distribution Maps Bar Shouldered Dove
Bar Shouldered Dove Distribution Map


18 years.


The Bar-shouldered Dove's size ranges from 26 - 30 centimetres in length.


The Bar-shouldered Doves diet consists of seeds of grasses, herbs and sedges, primarily in swampy areas. They often feed in pairs and groups, sometimes in large loose flocks and they feed on the ground close to cover.


Bar-shouldered Doves are found in grassy woodland areas, usually near water. They are also often found in mangroves and are frequently seen in urban areas.


These birds breed most months of the year, their nests are a platform of twigs and grasses, commonly in a shrub, low tree or mangrove. Their nests are often low down but can be up to 6 metres high up off the ground.