Wallabia bicolor


The Swamp Wallaby is a small, stocky wallaby with dark brown fur, often with lighter rusty patches on the belly, chest and base of the ears.


The Swamp Wallaby feeds on a variety of plants including introduced and native shrubs, grasses and ferns.


The length of the Swamp Wallaby is between 66cm - 85cm.


The preferred habitat of the Swamp Wallaby is thick forest undergrowth or sandstone heath.


The Swamp Wallaby lives in eastern Australia, in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and southeastern South Australia. Introduced in New Zealand.


Swamp Wallabies breed all year round. Like many marsupials, female Swamp Wallabies can suckle two joeys of different ages. The pouch life of each joey is 8 to 9 months, although they may continue to suckle until 15 months.