Anas platyrhynchos domesticus


The Aylesbury Duck is a large duck with pure white plumage, orange legs and feet. Its legs are placed midway along the body and it stands with its underside parallel to the ground, giving it a body described as "boat-shaped". It has a long orange bill which comes straight out from the head.


The life expectancy of an Aylesbury Duck is around 10 years.


The Aylesbury Duck weighs between 3.5 - 5 kilograms.


The Aylesbury Duck feeds on larvae and pupae usually found under rocks, aquatic animals, plant material, seeds, small fish, snails, and crabs.


The Aylesbury Duck inhabits forested swamps, lakes, dams and streams.


Aylesbury Ducks breed all year round. The female will produce 35 - 120 white coloured eggs every year.