Gallus gallus


The Chinese Silky Bantam has a fluffy silk-like plumage, with feathers covering their entire bodies including their face and legs. They can be a few different colours but most commonly white or brown and occasionally black. Underneath their feathers, they have black or blueish skin. Chinese Silky Bantams also have five toes (many other chicken breeds have only four).


The Chinese Silky Bantam originated in China, however now found throughout the world.


The Chinese Silky Bantam's life expectancy is around 9 years.


The Chinese Silky Bantam stands about 500mm high.


Seed, fruit and greens. They scratch in ground like domestic chickens.


The Chinese Silky Bantam prefers dry open habitat with scattered trees and shrubs.

They spend the days on ground foraging for food and roosts in low shrubs or branches at night.

Gregarious and form flocks of about 25 birds which roost communally.

They run rather than fly as barbs on their wings prevent them from taking flight.


The Chinese Silky Bantam lays 10 - 20 eggs in well hidden lined scrape. Female incubates eggs for 21 - 23 days.

Other Names



Loud harsh cackling chatter.