Alexandrinus krameri


Known to be a medium – small sized parrot with a red hooked beak and a long tail. The Male birds are defined as having a black and pink collar around their neck which the females do not have.


It occurs in sub-Saharan Africa and southern Asia from Afghanistan and Pakistan east through India to Myanmar (Burma) and south-east China..


37 - 43 cm in length and weighs approximately 116 - 140 grams.


Up to 34 years.


Their diet consists of leaf buds, berries, fruits, seeds, insects, nuts and vegetables.


A variety of habitats such as semi-desert, open scrub, bushland, evergreen forest and light forest. They also inhabit gardens, orchards, towns and cities.


The female will lay between 3 - 5 eggs. The babies will leave the nest around 7 - 8 weeks and can be on their own at approximately 10 weeks.