Eclectus roratus


The Eclectus Parrot is a large tropical parrot with bright colouring. The males are bright green with red wing linings and an orange beak and it is the females that are more brightly coloured having bright red plumage with blue wing linings and a blue chest. It was believed for many years that the male and female were two completely different species due to their colour difference.


The Eclectus Parrot is only found in a small part of far north Queensland in the Cape York Peninsula, however, they are also found outside of Australia in New Guinea and other islands north of Australia.


30 years.


40 - 43 centimetres in length once they are fully grown. They can also weigh up to 440 grams.


Berries, fruits, nuts and seeds which they often forage for in the high tree canopies in rainforests


Often found in rainforests usually nearby eucalypt woodlands.


The Eclectus Parrots often nest in high tree hollows usually near water. It is also common for one tree to house several nests. Their breeding season is between July - January.