Pseudocheirus peregrinus


Grey fur with white patches behind the eyes and usually a cream-coloured belly. They have a long prehensile tail which normally displays a distinctive white tip over 25% of its length. The back feet are syndactyl which helps them to climb.


Found on the east coast of Australia, as well as Tasmania & a part of South West Australia.

Oakvale Distribution Maps Common Ringtail Possum
Ringtail Possum Distribution Map


6 - 8 years.


The Common Ringtail Possum weighs between 550 and 1100 g and is approximately 30 – 35 cm long when grown (excluding the tail, which is roughly the same length again).


Feeds on a wide variety of plants including the foliage, flowers and fruits from shrubs and lower canopy.


Generally, live in temperate and tropical environments and are rare in drier environments.


After about a year, Ringtail Possums mate. Between 1 - 4 young are born, and they attach themselves to one of the four teats in the mother’s pouch. They will suckle and grow for the next four months until they’re ready to leave the pouch. For the next two weeks they’ll live in the nest and be carried on the mother’s – or even father’s – back while they look for food. Within 5 - 8 months they are weaned, though they’ll often stay with the nest until the next litter comes through.

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