Capra hircus


The Domestic Goat is a domesticated mammal. There are over 300 breeds.

They are a subspecies from the wild goat of south west Asia and Eastern Europe.

The Domestic Goat is a member of the animal family Bovidae.


The Domestic Goat can be found in all states and territories.


Given they are well looked after a goat can live up to 20 years.


The size of the Domestic Goat is between 41 - 58 cm at the shoulder.


Goats are vegetarians and ruminants, like sheep and cows, which means they have four-chambered stomachs designed to extract the maximum nutrition from everything they eat.


The main habitat requirements for a Domestic Goat are grass to eat and clean, ventilated shelter.


Male goats are called billys or bucks, females are called nannies or does, and babies are called kids. Most goats have babies twice a year (gestation lasting just 5 months) and often have twins or triplets. In the event of triplets one must be hand reared as a nanny only has two teats and one is likely to suffer.


Domestic Goats can be cute, clever, gentle and friendly. However they can also be mischievous with a great interest in climbing and/or eating anything and everything.


Range from Angora, Cashmere, Nubian and Australian Field Goats just to name a few.