Pogona henrylawsoni


These tiny dragons are very different in appearance from the classic bearded dragon. They are shorter, stouter and "stubby" looking and they do not puff out a "beard".


They are native to Queensland

Oakvale Distribution Maps Pygmy Pogona Henry Lawsoni
Pygmy Bearded Dragon Distribution List


5 - 8 years.


Between 15 - 20cm in length and 50 - 200g in weight.


They are known to be keen hunters and will seek out vegetation, worms and insects to consume.


Inhabits dry, sparsely vegetated black soil plains, often perching on a small rock or mound. They will retreat to a burrow or deep soil crack when threatened.


The breeding season is from September - February. The female lays up to 2 - 3 clutches per season. In each clutch, she lays between 12 - 15 eggs in a burrow about 20 - 30cm underground.