Size: Stand 0.9-1.4m tall and weigh up to 350kg.

Population: Estimated to be 44million donkeys in the world at present China has 11 million.

Food: Similar diet to horses but can exist on very poor quality feed. Prone to foot problems if overfeed and prefer dry arid conditions.

Where Found: Worldwide. Map above shows distribution of Australia’s feral population

Uses: Commonly used for transport, whether riding, pack transport or pulling carts. Also farm tillage, threshing, raising water, milling and other jobs.

Notes: A donkey’s loud call (a bray) can be heard for over 3km.
At Gallipoli in WW1 stretcher bearer John Kirkpatrick carried wounded ANZAC soldiers to safety on his donkey named “Duffy”.

Donkeys are derived from the wild ass of North Africa and have been domesticated for over 4000yrs.

Equus asinus


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