Llama pacos


Domesticated in the high altitudes of South America thousands of years ago for their luxurious fleece. They are members of the Camelid family, which includes camels and llamas. People who are allergic to wool can often wear garments made of alpaca which is as soft as cashmere.


Originated in parts of South America but is now found all over the world in captivity.

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Alpaca Distribution Map


15 - 20 years.


Between 50 - 90kg


Herbivores who can thrive on poor quality feed if required. They have three stomachs and a similar digestive system to ruminants.


Semi-desert environment of high Andes Mountains of South America. Well adapted to heat, cold and high altitude.


The gestation period is 355 days. Baby alpaca are called “cria” and are usually walking and feeding within the first hour or two.

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