Black Headed Python

Description: The Black-headed Python has a moderately robust body and its head is not noticeably wider than its neck. The colour of the back and sides is cream, yellowish or light brown with numerous irregular dark brown or reddish-brown crossbands. The head, neck and throat are glossy jet black. The average length of the Black-headed Python is approximately 2 meters.

Bite: Non-venomous

Habitat: Inhabits arid shrub land and grassland, woodlands and dry sclerophyll forest.

Diet: Lizards, snakes, reptile eggs, mammals and birds

Breeding: A female Black-headed Python lays 6-14 eggs. The female will coil around the eggs for the duration of the incubation period.

Did you know?: The Black-headed Python is immune to all snake bites.

Aspidites melanocephalus


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