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Plumed Whistling Duck

Other names: Plumed Tree Duck, Grass Whistle-Duck

Size: Length 450 – 600 mm

Voice: Shrill high pitched whistle on ground or in flight.

Food: Like to graze short green grass but can survive on spike rushes and sedges.

Where Found: See map. Wetlands from Kimberleys WA, across north and down east coast to Murray Basin. Rare in south – common in wet northern grasslands.

Habits: Quite happy on land but seems clumsy on water. During the day cluster densely on the ground near water and at night fly out in groups to feed elsewhere. Vagrant to NZ and New Guinea

Nesting: Mate for life and share nesting duties and care of young. Nest in scrape with grass lining some distance from water. When young hatch both parents lead them to water which may be 2km away! Breed Feb-April.

Dendrocygna eytoni



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