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Wandering Whistling Duck

Other names: Whistling Tree Duck

Size: Length 550-600mm

Voice: Shrill high pitched whistle on ground and in flight

Food: Feed entirely on aquatic plants and their flowers and seeds.

Where Found: See map. Topical freshwater wetlands from the Kimberleys of WA to Mary River Qld.

Habits: Seldom leave the water which they prefer deep. Can dive and swim underwater with ease and sometimes eat vegetation from bottom. Roost in camps on edge.

Nesting: Mate for life and share nesting duties and care of hatchlings. Occurs during and after the wet season-Jan to July. Nest a scrape with thin layer of grass usually sheltered by tall grass some distance from the water. 7-8 eggs incubated by both in 28-30 days. Ducklings from more than one nest may form rafts on the water

Dendrocygna arcuata



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